I'm Mark Zetter. For more than 25 years I've been in EMS industry. Working mainly with electronics OEMs, I've also worked with a lot of EMS manufacturers worldwide on lots of different programs in nearly every industry. I've witnessed enterprise electronics supply chain setbacks, and why these events occurred and, I've participated in the successes and I built many proprietary solutions along the way.

In the early years, my first newsletter in EMS industry, INsight, was widely received. In it I talked about EMS business analysis and trends. The primary audience was investors and enterprise consulting firms with interest in EMS industry matters.

INsight newsletter, November 2005

With the Mark Zetter INsight newsletter I hope to publish new content here once or twice a week, sharing some of my experiences, thoughts and lateral thinking on electronic manufacturing services (EMS) and the intersection between strategy and supply chain performance. I'll be publishing some exclusive content here along with personal opinion on content published elsewhere.

You can read about my background and EMS industry experience here. Please subscribe if you want to stay up to date and receive a notice when new content is available.

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