EMS Manufacturing Quote Pricing for Electronic Product Programs

EMS Manufacturing Quote Pricing for Electronic Product Programs

Contract electronics solutions partners need to make a profit to survive. Otherwise, they can't continue to serve your business. Some EMS manufacturing quote pricing line items include:

  • Material Cost
  • Material Inventory Reserve / Adjustments / Scrap
  • Material Freight-in Costs
  • Material Duty Costs
  • Product Warranty Reserve
  • Capital / Finance Charges
  • Material Overhead
  • Direct Labor Overhead
  • Direct Labor

But EMS manufacturers also have costly overhead of indirect labor staffing in functional departments supporting manufacturing operations. Below are some of these costly EMS indirect roles and responsibilities contributing to final quote cost pricing of your electronics outsourcing program:

  • EMS General Manager
  • Director of Operations/Manufacturing
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Manager of Program Management
  • Program Manager
  • Program Manager Associate / Administration
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Manufacturing Supervisor
  • Manufacturing Clerk
  • Manufacturing Material Handler
  • Supplier Quality Engineer
  • Receiving Inspection Inspector
  • Test Engineering Technician
  • Process Engineering Manager
  • Process Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Quality Inspector / Auditor
  • Test Engineer
  • Process Engineering Technician
  • Documentation Specialist
  • Documentation Clerk
  • Materials Manager
  • Production Control Manager
  • Master Scheduler
  • Production Control Planner
  • Warehouse Distribution Manager
  • Material Receiving Clerk
  • Warehouse Staff
  • Shipping / Distribution
  • Supplier Quality Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Purchasing Buyer
  • Purchasing Administration Clerk

Electronics OEM professionals can request this EMS program quote checklist when sourcing EMS services. Understanding how to interpret outsourcing program quote pricing presented by EMS manufacturers will include the above and more. Using verifiable cost input sources from EMS industry can help you identify internal EMS factory costs and determine your outsourcing program should cost. Having accurate information can then help you during contract negotiations.

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